Boundaries in Comedy

"Sh*t, I'm living good up in this b*tch Dicky rollin round the city, blowin good up in that whip I ain't black or Dominican, not Hispanic or Indian So imprisonment is not a predicament, I envision For a white boy..." Here's a snippet of the first verse to Lil Dicky's "White Dude." I'll tell you one … Continue reading Boundaries in Comedy


Slim, Thick, or Pleasantly Plump

Well thanks to Drake- plus sized women have become more desirable... Ok, not exactly, but we're getting there. I'll warn you now—being a curvy woman myself has made me a bit bias with certain issues. For instance, the Dear Fat People video was absolutely disrespectful! But I think more people watched in silent agreement than adamant anger. … Continue reading Slim, Thick, or Pleasantly Plump