Am I Hungry?

Forcing yourself to create when you’re not up for it is much like eating when you’re not hungry. Will you even enjoy the ‘food?’ Creating this way usually comes from a place of boredom or a need to meet a certain deadline rather than an actual passion for the project itself. This can be attributed to music, writing, photography and/or any other art-form you can think of. You can always tell you’re forcing something when you’re stressed about it or begin to experience a sense of ‘writer’s block.’

Like right now for instance, trying to write a song and get to a studio to record would be absolutely pointless. I am currently angry, irritated, disappointed and I feel somewhat stunted in my growth process. Therefore, attempting to create in this kind of space would be very difficult. There are days when those around me want so desperately to place me into a box of normality. It’s nothing special. It’s just a simple container much like any other before it. This has to be one of the most annoying aspects of my life right now. To some who are reading this- you may think I’m basically another whiny millennial with little to no actual problems or responsibilities. Well I’d tell where to shove your thoughts, but I just read a devotional not too long ago; so I’ll pass.

Aaaaaanyway, my point behind the rant is this: Sometimes your surroundings will suck the life out of you- leaving you without the energy or motivation to create. When this happens, it’s ok to take a break and move around. Even if that means walking around your neighborhood and striking up a conversation with a random stranger. You’d be so surprised at what jewels of wisdom can be bestowed upon you right where you are.

This weird transition into adulthood and entrepreneurship is the craziest journey I’ve ever embarked upon. However, I have to check myself periodically because I forget that being great is never a cake walk. I don’t have to force myself to ‘eat’ if I’m not hungry; but it’s definitely up to me to work up an appetite. So to all my ‘whiny millennials’-  I say don’t get stuck in a rut for long periods of time. Instead, find something to ignite your passion and creativity. You are the main producer of your life. When the tape stops rolling- will you have enough highlights?

Get out and go get it!


One thought on “Am I Hungry?

  1. I love every word written you open my eyes on something I’m going though right now I love you and you just keep on keeping on 😚😙😚😙😉😘

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