Speak, But Follow Through!

Too many times we announce our future plans only to be reminded weeks later of our failure to stay committed to them. Facebook and its “memories” don’t exactly help either. I mean they show us who and where we used to be; while also pointing out whom and where we are not. I suppose, in some instances, they’re a much needed wake up call.

Just think—how often are we struck with a brilliant business idea that has to be shared with a friend, a spouse, or the nearest relative? Excitedly, we devise the best plan of execution. Now depending on our inner circle, everyone is usually eager to see the final results. However, as time passes and life happens, we let our enthusiasm dwindle about the new project. Months and possibly years go by before it crosses our mind again. This is most likely the beginning of a terrible cycle.

Be that as it may, breaking the habit is quite simple. We must learn the importance of speaking things into existence and following through with a plan of action. It’s not enough to simply plan day in and day out if we don’t actually make any moves. That business venture (whatever it may be) has a greater purpose than being confined to the space in between our eyes. How will its true potential come about if it’s never brought into fruition? If we want change—the excuses and distractions have to stop today.

No one wants to be the person forever haunted by those daunting what-ifs. The same way we find the time to punch the clock and make someone else’s dreams come true, we should also dedicate a portion of our day to achieving our own goals. Nothing is impossible, so get up and get moving!


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