Life With Khelaire | Astros Victory Parade

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few days- you should know by now that the Houston Astros won the 2017 World Series against the Los Angeles Dodgers. Now, I've only been to ONE baseball game (yes, it was the Astros) in my entire life. However, any win for Houston is a … Continue reading Life With Khelaire | Astros Victory Parade


Life With Khelaire | Wasting My Twenties?

Life after college has been many things, but peachy definitely isn't one of them. I am currently sorting through my "Post Grad Blues" while constantly questioning my productivity. I'm learning to better document the journey instead of trying to create one...Click here to watch part one of my two part rant. Don't forget to like, … Continue reading Life With Khelaire | Wasting My Twenties?

Life With Khelaire | The Friendly Detox

Sometimes we need to cleanse our lives of toxic and unhealthy people. Learning to accept that our relationship with these individuals have reached their end-mark can be a pretty difficult pill to swallow...I bet you won’t find this remedy at your local grocery. Check out Life With Khelaire's second episode.

#SaveMeSunday: The Beasts of Betrayal

Recently, I read an AdWeek article that noted an estimated seven million girls in developing countries become pregnant each year. In an attempt to highlight this epidemic, a maternity clothing line was created by renowned fashion designer, Paola Suhonen. This triggered me to reflect on similar disturbances within my own culture... In my few years of … Continue reading #SaveMeSunday: The Beasts of Betrayal

Am I Hungry?

Forcing yourself to create when you're not up for it is much like eating when you're not hungry. Will you even enjoy the 'food?' Creating this way usually comes from a place of boredom or a need to meet a certain deadline rather than an actual passion for the project itself. This can be attributed to … Continue reading Am I Hungry?