Dear Fellow Dreamer

  Downplaying your dreams to help them make sense to other people has got to stop. When we soothe their insecurities and try to prevent them from casting their doubts upon us—we’re doing ourselves a disservice. We are more than capable of defeating the odds and overcoming the negativity. Sometimes it’s hard to gauge just … Continue reading Dear Fellow Dreamer


The Breakup: 5 Lessons Learned

It's pretty healthy to experience a few heartbreaks in your life. Whether it's your high school sweetheart, your college beau, or your first spouse- sometimes we have to let people go. However, many times there are more positives to being single than being in a relationship. The best thing to do is to weed out the wrong people before the … Continue reading The Breakup: 5 Lessons Learned

Be A Light

Many times, I get sucked up in throwing myself a pity party. I become so overwhelmed with my shortcomings—I hardly stop to think about the next person. I can guarantee there's always someone one who has it worse than me. To be 'worse' in this sense has little to do with finances but more so … Continue reading Be A Light

Wrong But Right

For obvious reasons--names will be changed in today's blog. However, many of you who will read this post will know exactly who and what I'm referring to... Lately, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the University of West Tennessee (fake name). It began with a column printed in the local newspaper written by … Continue reading Wrong But Right